Hosted by the Founder of Concerto TIC, Mihaela Nina, The Impact Talks is a knowledge platform which brings to you conversations with incredible individuals from all around the world that are shaping the impact ecosystem. In each episode you will hear inspirational stories and learnings from the sustainability space, aimed at enabling a better understanding of the impact ecosystem and the Sustainable Development Goals and how we can all contribute to changing the global narrative.

Dr. Raed made a shift in his engineering career when coming back to the region in 2009 and was drawn into clean energy solutions and projects. In this episode, we discussed what ignited his passion, climate change and related sustainable development challenges, as well as best practices in the adoption of clean energy and climate mitigation actions. 

Having an interesting career path himself, changing from Egyptology to running a start-up, Borna realized that many young people are struggling to choose the right academic path and often drop out from the studies. In this episode, we discuss how this triggered a desire to solution this challenge and how technology can empower youth to make the right college and career choices.

Reem has transformed her own challenges into an ambitious mission, when faced with the lack of adequate and reliable Arabic online resources to support the upbringing of her children facing developmental disabilities. In this episode, we discuss her journey and how Habaybna was born to support parents in similar situations.